Gone are the days when fashion was all about proper fittings and appropriately-sized clothes, anti-fit fashion is the new trend of the hour. Call it relaxed fit, slouchy clothing or simply oversized clothing, anti-fit fashion has many forms and many lovers. From the biggest fashion weeks of the season to the latest issues of the renowned fashion magazines, anti-fit fashion is everywhere to be seen.



These clothes do not divulge into your body shape and are instead super comfortable and yet very stylish. It is extremely easy-to-sport, versatile and laid back. An outfit that drapes gently, accommodates and suits all body shapes and sizes, has room for air to circulate, lets your skin breath, sans the clingy discomfort, lends up to one of the greatest innovations in fashion this season.

Source: Pinterest

The history of fashion being all about corsets and other body-hugging garments never took into account the discomfort quotient. Fashion is all about expressing who you are and hence, to adhere to something that is uncomfortable is not acceptable. Over-sized fashion came into being for the first time around 1920’s. Women earned the right to vote and went to work. Much like their social positions, women’s clothing became far more mobile, and Coco Chanel was at the forefront of the movement to rid fashion of the corseted styles of the previous generations. The success of the over-sized cut in the 1920’s was repeated several times throughout the 20th century, and not only did it reflect comfort but also the triumph of femininity.

Source: ZARA Pinterest

Source:Zara Pinterest

It was recently that anti-fit fashion trickled up onto the runways and designer collections mainly because of its easy-to-wear factor and the fashion statement that it creates. From high fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton to budget-friendly brands such as Levis, Madame and Forever 21, oversized clothing and anti-fashion is making its presence felt everywhere.

Source:From Lux With Love

Source:Vogue Australia

Anti-fit clothing looks best in solid colours. Technically, an anti-fit garment has to be cut well and the proportions need to be perfect as well. There shouldn’t be a lot of creases and the garment should be finished well.

Source:Instagram @sineadcrowe

It’s the 21st century and one of the major principles of fashion is ‘comfort’. Therefore, sport what you like and go anti-fit!

That’s all about one of the biggest trends of the season, that is Anti-Fit Fashion. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Been a little inactive lately due to exams and stuff, but will try and be super active from now on.
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Happy Weekend!

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