It’s day two already of the 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE and hence I am back with another quote, that has been my favorite since a long time. It is a motivational and an inspirational one and I am quite sure that everyone out there reading this today, will really like it and also relate to it.

So, here comes my quote for DAY 2

John Green is definitely one of my favorite writers, and his work really motivates me. I love how almost every other line in his books are so relatable and positive. This particular quote is from his book Looking for Alaska, and it is one my favorite quotes and the first time I read it, I somehow felt really encouraged and courageous to face life in all its forms- be it good or bad.

This quote signifies that at some point in our lives we are gonna have to face the difficulties and the harsh realities of life. We cannot always keep running from the negative aspects of life just because we feel that facing those situations and aspects will definitely take us down. It is absurd but true that sometimes facing the situations that we tend to run away from is where the solution lies.

But confronting something may not always conclude in your favour and it may hurt and make you feel bad. But facing a situation, no matter how it ends up, is at least gonna put an end to it and then you don’t have to run away from it anymore, and you get the relief that you seek.

Not only situations but also this quote is really significant in terms of ‘fear‘. We are often scared of something or the other, atleast I am, and everytime I am scared of something this quote strikes back to my mind. To fear fear is a fear in itself, and once we face it, there is that self-contentment that is so rejuvenating, that it doesn’t matter whether it hurt or it didn’t, whether it ended up in your favour or not.

I am pretty sure that most people out there can relate to these beautiful lines. Let me know if you do!

This is a lovely quote and hence I had to share it. Once again thankyou so much Kranti for giving me this opportunity!

I would like to NOMINATE :

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You can check out the rules for the challenge here 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE- RULES!

I hope you guys do this challenge because trust me, you are gonna love doing it!

Thank you so much everyone for reading! Stay tuned for DAY THREEEE!

Published by Anushka Hazra

Fashion Student at NIFT Mumbai & a Content Creator


  1. The feeling of relief you get after it’s all over is the best thing in the world. Not to mention that it makes you feel so proud of yourself once you face your fears. This is such an inspiring quote. I don’t actually read books by John Green but I’ll definitely give this book a try.

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    1. You must give it a reading! You will really enjoy it. And I completely agree with you that we feel really proud when we face our fears, irrespective of how it turns out to be. Thankyou so much for stopping by and sharing with us such beautiful words!❤

      Liked by 1 person

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