Hello everyone!!  I hope all of you are doing well. Question tags are something which I find really interesting, especially after I did one on my blog, on the occasion of my first blog anniversary ( You can check it out here: FASHION TAG!!). Looking at the good response that I got on that post, I thought of doing another one! So, here it is!! 

Beauty and makeup is quite an essential aspect of most of our lives, and so doing this tag will not only let you get a better insight into my views regarding it but will also put forward some candid yet necessary information regarding the same. Since, I compiled these questions all by myself, anybody who wishes to do this tag is free to do so, just let me know once because I would love to read your answers!

Let’s get started!! 

1.What do you love about makeup?

I have stressed upon this fact in almost all of my beauty and makeup posts, that the best thing about makeup is that it boosts our self-confidence and accentuates our facial features. It often makes us feel good about ourselves.

2.How long does it take for you to do your makeup?

It takes me about 15 minutes, I guess, 90% of which is spent on trying to make my eyeliner look even on both the eyelids. Haha. 

3.Do you remember your first makeup item?

I don’t really remember, but I suppose that it must have been some fancy, pink-shaded Lip Balm. ( I was obsessed with pink!!!!!) 

4.Will you leave the house without makeup?

Why not? I don’t have the energy to put on makeup every single day before heading out of my abode. Also, I am confident in my skin and prefer not wearing makeup on most days. 

5.Favourite lipstick?

My favourite lipstick would be the Lakme 9 to 5 Primer+Matte lipcolor in the shade Rosy Mind. It is perfect for everyday use. The matte finish is really great and so is the color. I absolutely love it!!  

I also did a video on my channel a while ago on my Top 5 Favourite Lipsticks Under Rs. 500,  so you can check that out!!

6.Name a makeup crime that you hate?

A makeup crime, according to me, would be bold makeup during daytime. If we are gonna do heavy eye makeup, we must keep our lip color neutral, and if we wanna sport a bold lip color, then we must keep our eye makeup as minimal as possible. Also, daytime makeup should be simple and minimalist.

7.What product do you buy mostly?

I mostly buy lipsticks because I feel that they are our real Makeup Essentials. Even if you are having a bad hair day or when you don’t feel like putting any or much makeup, if you have got that perfect lipcolor sorted for yourself, you need nothing else!

8.One makeup product that you cannot do without?

Eyeliner!! I really like putting on eyeliner, maybe a thin line, if not fancy.

9.Favourite makeup hack?

My favourite makeup hack would be the White Eyeliner hack. Putting white or silver liner in the lower waterline of your eyes can make them look so vibrant and lively, even after a really tiring day! 

10.Matte lipcolor or lip gloss?

Matte, any day!!! I don’t like lipsticks that render a glossy finish at all!!

11.Do you wear fake eyelashes?

No. Never. My eyelashes are way too long naturally. I don’t even wear Mascara, except for some special occasions.

12.What is your most cherished beauty makeup product?

It would be the Lakme Moonlit Highlighter from the limited Sabyasachi collection, that my mom got for me a while ago. It is one of the best highlighters ever! It gives my skin a very natural glow. The pigmentation is really nice as well. 

13.Favourite makeup brand? 

That would be Lakme and Maybelline, because they have got a variety of good products at highly affordable prices, which makes it one of the best options for everyday use. 

14. What is your skin type? 

I have got a typical combination skin, which get Oily during Summer, Dry during the Winter months and is Sensitive often! 

15.How many times do you wash your face daily?

That would be around three times- in the morning, after I come back home from somewhere, and before going off to bed. 

16.Any cleansing tip?

Always remove your makeup before going off to sleep no matter how lazy you feel to do so. Also, use a good toner at the end of the day  for cleansing your skin. 

17.Any Acne story?

Yes, definitely!! There was a time 2-3 years back, when my face was full of acne. No matter what skincare product would I use, it just wouldn’t go away. I finally had to consult a dermatologist, who gave some tips along with medications. And ever since then, the health of my skin has improved drastically. Also, I started drinking good amounts of water daily.  All of this proved to be really helpful as I get very less pimples now and that too very rarely.

( Let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a post on How to Get Rid of Pimples!

18.Do you like trying out new skincare products or do you stick to a routine?
No, I prefer sticking to the same products because not all products suit my skin, which makes me quote scared about trying out new skincare products every now and then. 

19.Your key to a healthy and bright skin?

Water!! Make sure to drink one glass of water every morning before consuming anything else, and you will notice some definite improvements in your skin. Drink loads of water throughout the day in order to keep your skin hydrated!
20.Do you think you look good even when you have no makeup on?

Definitely, yes! I like the way I look naturally and makeup is just a means of accentuating your facial beauty that already exists.

That’s all about the Beauty and Makeup Tag. I would further like to nominate some of my fellow blogger friends who are also my favourites, to do this tag as well:

1. Beyoutiful

2. Sara Rauste

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4. Manjima Das

5. Get Styled 

I hope y’all have fun doing it!!  ❤

Thank you so much for reading this post, my lovely readers!! Comment down below: WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ABOUT BEAUTY & MAKEUP?? 

See you soooooooon! :))


Published by Anushka Hazra

Fashion Student at NIFT Mumbai & a Content Creator


  1. Loved reading your answers and we have so much in common when it comes to makeup! I cannot leave the house w/o eyeliner and also I believe that’s a Desi girl thing haha. Lipsticks are the only products I buy the most as well and Maybelline is also one of my fave brands 🙂 I’m having so many probs with acne and tried everything but I guess I should def drink much more water like you recommend..def grateful for all your tips! Thanks so much for nominating me and girl, you look so pretty in your pics ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally agree about lipstick being the necessity even if you don’t have time to do anything else! And I also love the white eyeliner trick! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think that these question tags are a great way to know people! It was nice to know you Anushka! 🙂 I personally don’t wear eye-liner just because I mess it up every time. I can go out with or without make up but when I wear makeup I feel more confident. Also, I need to have my brows done, otherwise I feel incomplete and naked 😉


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