DIY Matte Nails || How to make any nail polish matte ||#YOUTUBE

Bored of that same old regular nail polish that you have been applying for years?? Try out MATTE MANICURE !! 

Matte nails are super cool, classy and well really fun. There are a lot of waysby which you can get your nails mattified, some of them being : 

⏩Buying a matte nail polish. Speaking of matte nail polish NYKAA has got a pretty amazing collection. So,  you can check them out at: 

⏩ Buying a matte top coat. 

⏩A DIY where you are supposed to mix corn starch,  baby powder or eyeshadow with your desired nail colour. ( But I have tried this,  and the results are not always accurate as we often tend to get mixed up about the desired quantity of the ingredients and end up with an imperfect consistency.)
There is yet another way buy which you can get lovely matte nails ( A DIY perhaps!!), using something really simple!! 

Hence, check out this amazing,  super cool,  easy and inexpensive DIY and get those perfectly done MATTE NAILS!!  

DIY Matte Nails || How to make any nail polish matte

It is as easy as it looks!! I have tried this tons of time and the results are always perfect, which makes it a MUST-TRY!!✔️

DIY Matte Nails || How to make any nail polish matte 

Let me know your views about this fun little DIY in the comment section below!! Also, if you try out this DIY, send me your pictures in Facebook, Instagram or any other social media ( Scroll down for the links!!) and you shall get a feature in my OFFICIAL PAGE!! 💜





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