Men, in general, are often confused about what kind of shoes should they opt for in order to get that perfect outfit-of-the-day. Shoes are something that not only completes your overall look but also acts as a confidence booster which ultimately helps you to live up to the concept of fashion. 

Choosing that perfect pair of shoes that matches the best with your outfit is not easy but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE either. Hence, to help you a bit in this arena of the shoe-selection-dilemma, here’s presenting you a SHOE GUIDE, exclusively for all the men out there!!  


Brogues are classic shoes which has some intricate dot-punctured detailings in the seam and the toe-cap of the shoes.  These shoes are not so formal but radiates one’s persona with great panache.  

WEAR IT WITH : Dark jeans and dark suits. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT : Almost anywhere, be it a cocktail party,  a date or wherever you want a classic and a  slightly dressy look. 

AVAILABLE AT : Amazon, Abof and AJIO. 


A loafer is a low-cut and laceless shoe which can be worn both formally as well as casually.  They are not too dressy but are available with a huge range of patterns and features. 

WEAR IT WITH : Any suit,  dark denims or even shorts. 

WHERE TO WEAT IT : Anywhere casual or semi-formal. 

AVAILABLE AT : Amazon, AJIO and ShopClues.  


Sneakers are perhaps the most comfiest, easy-to-wear and versatile footwear available out there in the world today.They are available in a variety of different designs and colours. Talking about sneakers, white sneakers have been quite a trend since a really long time now,  as we all know. 

WEAR IT WITH : Both light and dark denims,  chinos, trousers,  joggers and anything casual or sporty.

WHERE TO WEAR IT : A day out and anywhere you want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

AVAILABLE AT : ShopClues, AJIO, Amazon and Koovs.


Oxfords are yet another classic and one of the basic styles when it comes to men’s shoes. It is the most appropriate pick in case you want a dressed-up-casual look. Suede oxfords are very stylish and elegant in particular.

WEAR IT WITH : Formal wear, denims.

WHERE TO WEAR IT : At work, parties or night outs. 

AVAILABLE AT : Amazon, AJIO and Abof.


Slip-on’s are casual, comfortable and mostly laceless. In case if you are travelling and yet wanna go trendy,  slip-on’s are a big thumbs up. It gives you a laid back and a street style look, and are quite in trend at the moment.

WEAR IT WITH : Both dark and light jeans, distressed or frayed denims, trousers or shorts. 

WHERE TO WEAR TO : A movie-date, roadtrip,  picnics and even to college!! 

AVAILABLE AT : ShopClues,  Amazon, AJIO, Koovs and Myntra. 

That’s it for today guys!!  In case if you are one of those who suffer from the shoe-selection-dilemma on a regular basis, here’s your saviour. Consult the guide, do some mandatory shopping and get-set-gooo!!  

Also, in case if  you wanna get some similar information on any other kind of shoes which I did not mention above,  let me know in the COMMENTS below, and I shall revert back to your query asap!! 


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  1. Shusruth says:

    Wowwwwwww….it’s really helpful…great work…..😘

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    1. Thanks a ton!! ❤


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  2. This post is 1. a great idea; 2. Precious for men; 2. Unique on the web (afa I know). My compliments!

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    Some points with remembering if i want my shoe game to be on point eh ?
    Thank you

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    1. Hahaha. Well, yes!! Thankyou. 😁


  4. These tips a brilliant, this is a great post.

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  5. This is really helpful!👍

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    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks a ton!✌


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