Shirts are a wardrobe essential. I am very sure that all of us have got plenty of shirts in our wardrobe. It is perhaps the best clothing option to opt for when we want a formal or a casual look.

Now, we have come across certain fashion rules as in how shall we wear our shirts. However, this season forget everything you knew about button-downs. The rules are yours for the changing!! 

Here’s listing certain ways in which you can wear your shirts differently this upcoming season,  and create a fashion statement on your own or live up to one. So,  I hope you like it!! 


The old rule says that a shirt must hit at the hips. However, cropped shirts are so in trend at the moment. They are cool,classy and extremely comfortable, and perhaps one of the best picks for this season.

AVAILABLE AT: StalkBuyLove and Abof. 

(You can also buy one of those shirts which has a flap like structure at the bottom,  and then tie them up slightly higher by your waist!!)


We often fuss about the fact that whether a particular shirt fits us aptly or not, when we go shopping. However,  wearing our shirts oversized or anti-fit is much more fun and trendy. From our Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor to the very fashionable American supermodel Gigi Hadid, over-sized shirts are surely a fashion must-have. 

Therefore, the next time you go shopping,  buy a shirt a size greater than your actual size,  and you will be good to go. 


Wearing a shirt backwards does sound a little awkward.  Trust me,  it did sound so to me too at first. But if you don’t mind experimenting,  because at the end of the day fashion is a lot about experiments,  wear your shirt backwards and set a trend!! 


It’s almost a fashion myth that denim on denim does not look good. But a double denim outfit looks equally good and infact much more fashionable. Accessorise your double denim outfit with some statement neck piece and rock it out!! 

AVAILABLE AT: StalkBuyLove, Amazon, Abof and Myntra. 


Cold shoulders have been in trend since a long time now and we completely adore them. They are classy and very trendy. Hence,  venture out and try some cold shouldered shirts this season and change those conventional shirt rules!!

AVAILABLE AT: StalkBuyLove,  FabAlley and ShopClues. 

That’s it for today!! Wear your simple button downs in these not so simple ways and have fun while you go vogue-ish!!

Also, this post seems to be really special to me as this also forms the base of my very first YOUTUBE video, which I have uploaded today along with this post. So, in case if you havent checked it out already, do give it a view and make sure to give me your feeback!!

*Click on the link below*

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**Check for updates**

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