Major Accessory Trends of the Fall!!!

No look is complete without accessories. Add on’s are very crucial to every outfit as they not only add fun and dynamism to your look but also helps you to express your fashion prefferances in a better manner. A large number of accessory options have made their way through the fashion avenue.

Browse through some best accessory trends of this fall below, shop and jazz it up!


It’s a trend thats been creeping back lately, thanks to the 90’s resurgence, and that has been seen, worn and loved by all of us. Chokers generate the illusion of an elongated and slender neck. It is best to wear them with off-shoulder outfits or outfits with a V-neckline. Avoid wearing them with high or closed necks. 

A variety of chokers- velvet, lacey, one’s with a ying yang drop motif or pearl, lace ups, sequinned- are available online at Koovs, Amazon and ShopClues (within a range of Rs. 600).


Lately, bohemian tassels have been breezing in, flittering and fluttering all the while. Apart from appearing on bags, clothing and shoes, tassels have gone a long way, conquering new arena’s of fashion, shaping up another mesmerising jewellery trend this fall. Wear them with your casuals and ace the fashion game!

Some beautiful tassels jewellery is available online at EBay and Kraftly. So, go and shop some nowww!


This next fashion trend is best suited for the one’s who love to accessorize. These necklaces can be a bit chunky and heavy but enables you to create a fashion  statement. Wear them with outfits that are rather plain and simple. Do not accessorize  much while sporting a statement necklace as the necklace is ought to be the centre of attention and bask under the limelight. 

You can buy some extremely fashionable statements neckpieces from Koovs, EBay or Kraftly, online, at affordable prices.


With the coming back of 90’s, earcuffs have become one of the majority jewellery trends of this season. Infact, earcuffs have replaced the normal earrings to some extent and perhaps taken a front seat. You can sport an earcuff with your casual wear and add an edge to your look. You can totally avoid any sort of neck accessory while wearing an earcuff, so that it gets all the attention that it needs.

Some trendy earcuffs can be bought online at ShopClues, Koovs and EBay ( within a range of 150-600 rs).


This accessory trends is mainly for those who adores accessorising but like to keep it minimal. It is basically a pair of smaller and thinner necklaces, one after the another. The beauty of this accessory trends is that it is very simple, effortless but yet so elegant.It looks the best when worn with outfits that have a plunging neckline.

Some beautiful layering necklaces are available online at AJIO and Koovs

So glam up your look by incorporating the above mentioned accessory trends this season and be fashion ready!

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  1. Wow!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Great!! ❀❀❀❀ Good job done again sweetheart! 😘😘😘

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  2. Divyashree lohar says:

    M loving the bohemian tassels its quite trending and also the layering necklaces its so chic! Nice picks to make this fall trendy and happening!

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    1. voguenvibess says:

      Glad that you liked it. ❀


  3. shrijita chakraborty says:

    These stuffs are just the perfect ones to put on a new the trend ! πŸ’Ÿ

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  4. Trisha says:

    😍great job once again..keep going with your amazing fashion ideas…

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    1. voguenvibess says:

      Thank you! ❀


  5. Oshmita says:

    Great job.Keep it up😊

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  6. shusruta says:

    great work keep it up……………….

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